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"I came to see Kriss for my chronic back pain. I have been trying a few alternative ways of treatments but nothing was making a huge shift. Within two sessions with Kriss I could feel a difference. He not only attended to my back issue but also helped my body to balance out. I was experiencing other stress related issues and his sessions made a real difference to my health and well-being. I feel comfortable with the mindful approach of Kriss. He is not only skilled and experienced practitioner but also very kind and helpful and is truly concerned about the well-being of his clients and makes an effort. During the session he shares his insights about how body ad mind works and how we can make a difference in our well being by taking a step at a time. He is available to answer all your questions. I like to take regular sessions from Kriss to maintain my health and balance. I highly recommend Kriss for any issues related to your body and mind."

Manasi, Auckland

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